Hello, I'm Beki Blank.

At the age of 16, I created what I describe as 'my little corner of the internet' ready for people to read- except it wasn't public and perhaps only a few people did know it existed. Entitled Blonde & Blank due to my notably blonde waves and distinctly different surname, I began writing as a continuation of the thoughts within my brain.

Now, aged 21, I currently study Voice in Performance at London College of Music which is based in West London, however, when I am not studying/living in London I reside in my hometown of Plymouth. 

At present and in it's fourth year of 'life', Blonde & Blank recently hit 33,000 lifetime views, which I am incredibly happy about, especially as this was never and will never be for the numbers, it was/is simply a place for me to get the thoughts out of my head.

A friend asked me the other day how I would describe my blog, and honestly, I strongly believe it's an extension of the life I live. Is that a bit extra? It probably is but we'll roll with it. I write about what I believe in, whether this be feminism or another lipstick within my collection or maybe, just maybe something is going right in the ever-expanding and ever-complicated 'life plan'. 

One day, I'd love to merge a career out of everything creative I adore, whether this be involving singing/writing/performing or something else I've yet to fully discover. That's the dream, and I'd love for you and me to live it together.

Beki x

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