Saturday, 2 December 2017

What Perfume I'm Wearing This December

Perfume has always been one of my favourite beauty products, so I thought I would share with you all three of my favourite scents I’ll be wearing throughout December.

Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao

Unfortunately this scent is now discontinued, however I don’t think Jo Malone has ever made a bad scent. I personally fell in love with this scent because I had never smelt anything remotely similar. Blue Agava & Cacao is a sweet but equally masculine fragrance perfect for the cold crisp winter months. You can read more about when I purchased the scent here.

Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon

Two years ago I received a bottle on Bon Bon for Christmas and it slowly became one of my signature scents. I love how ‘sickeningly’ sweet this perfume is, with the sweet top notes made up of Orange and Mandarin (citrus is my favourite!) combined with base notes of  Caramel and Sandalwood- it's a scent that can be worn all year long. You can read more here.

Coco Chanel

For me, this is a classic, signature scent that I happily wear all year round. I worse this throughout Christmas and New Year last year and on multiple occasions this year. Coco Chanel is described as an ‘spicy, oriental’ fragrance made up of notes including Mandarin Orange, Mimosa,  Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose. I would argue that this this is perfect for all ages and a classic that everyone should smell, even if they don’t own.

So they’re my perfumes I’m switching between this December! What scents are you wearing?

Beki x


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