Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Stay Sassy with Healthy Chef Steph ♡

On Sunday I attended Steph Elswood's (aka Healthy Chef Steph) fourth 'Stay Sassy' event of the year- and had the best day ever!

Those of you who have read this blog before will know I first discovered Steph in early 2016 and quickly became obsessed with her bundles of positive energy and endless girl power. (I wrote about her in a post in June last year- you can it read here!)

I had wanted to attend one of the Stay Sassy events since she had first announced them earlier in the year, however I was always unable to make it. So when Steph announced this event that was on my day off, I knew I had to go.

We started off the class with a warm up before strutting through the studio in our heels, imagining how we would want to be if we were walking past an ex we definitely didnt want to see on a night out- it worked a treat I must add!

Next up was the part of the event I was looking forward to the most- the dancing! Those of you may or may not know I studied a HNC in Dance last year, and whilst commercial/heels is very much out of my comfort zone (unless I've had several vodka's- then I'm any kind of dancer!) I love the free feeling dancing gives me as well as it being a really great confidence booster and a destress mechanism. 

Boy have I missed dancing. I didn't realise how much I physically missed it until I was doing it. Sure, I used to feel really out of place when I was at college because I had little knowledge/skill/experience in this style, but I still loved it. Learning the routine on Sunday was exactly what I needed to remind me that I need to get dancing again, sooner rather than later!

After the amazing class nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert ( @rhitrition) and Laura Phelan ( @phelanwelll) gave us a chat regarding mindful eating, staying positive and feeling overwhelmed in the festive period. It was really interesting to hear and learn how our digestive system also play apart of our mental health, and I'm definitely going to be looking at Christmas in a different perspective this year.

After the talk we were presented with prosecco and some amazing snacks from Platter London (@platterlondon) before we all got to chat and say our goodbyes. It was so lovely to finally meet Steph since it feels like I've known her forever, and she is just as humble, beautiful and positive in real life as she is on her Instagram, which is so lovely to see. I also got to have a chat with Rhiannon regarding how anxiety can be linked with bloating which was also really interesting!

Once again thank you to Steph for organising such an interesting, fun and sassy afternoon, I really, really enjoyed it and will do everything in my power to attend the next one!

Beki x


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