Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Nars Tavros

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a fan of a blue eyeshadow, it's part of my inner 90's child and frankly I'm certain the obsession won't be disappearing soon.

The other week I was in the Nars store in Covent Garden with my Mum simply browsing, and then a naughty purchase was made. 

I say naughty, my Mum actually bought the eyeshadow for me as a little gift, but if we hadn't been browsing we'd never have seen it! I was explaining to her about how I loved these eyeshadows and their formula, where she started watching every single colour on the back of her hand. I noticed she switched this colour, Tavros, and me being me I naturally fell in love.

Tavros is a metallic mint green/blue with hints of silver. I own no colour like this shade and I don't think I've ever seen a colour similar. Nars' Dual-Intensity eyeshadows have an incredible lasting power and pigment at the best of times, however if you really want the eyeshadow to last I suggest pairing it with their eyeshadow/eye base and it won't budge all day. 

As you may know I adore my blue shades I've collected within my MAC palette, and this one is a new favourite.

Are there any other Nars eyeshadow shades I should try?

Beki x


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