Friday, 22 December 2017

MAC Cherish & Nice 'n' Spicy

For the past couple of years my good friend Becky and I have exchanged make-up as gifts for each other for our birthdays or Christmas, and this year was no exception!

Becky (it's taking EVERYTHING for me not to constantly type 'Becky Scott') constantly laughs at my lipstick obsession, and will often tell me I am obsessed and will make me quesition whether I do infect need anymore lip products/make-up in general (the answer is always yes obviously!)

This year Becky somehow managed to grab be two lip products that aren't within my ever-growing lip collection, and they fit within perfectly.

'Cherish' is a satin finish lipstick which is a peachy/nude in colour. On first appearance the colour is similar to 'Honeylove', however I really love the formula of the satin lipsticks from MAC and this colour suits my pale skin perfectly. 

'Nice 'n' Spicy' is the corresponding lip liner to 'Cherish', and according to MAC's website the liner is a 'pink cinnamon' shade. I adore the colour of this lipliner and know I'll me reaching for it a lot in 2018.

These two lip products combined are great for the 90s grunge trend, and I know I'll be wearing theses shads a lot in the foreseeable future

Merry Xmas Beck! You nailed it again,

Beki x


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