Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Luxury Beauty Gift Ideas

Today I'm sharing three luxury beauty items that I feel would be perfect for any beauty lover if you really want to treat them.


You generally can't go wrong with a bottle of perfume- unless you end up buying a scent someone detests! It's always worth knowing a perfume they already wear so you can ask a sales advisor if they recommend any other scents. 

Last year Boots launched their Emporium, a service where you can get items personalised/engraved and wrapped. You can build beauty gift boxes, however I really love the fact you can get beauty items engraved. For Christmas last year my Mum got me a bottle of perfume from Estée Lauder personalised and now, as I'm coming to the end of the bottle I don't think I'll be able to get rid of it.

Chanel Lipstick

If we are being completely honest, nothing screams more luxury than a Chanel lipstick. The packaging is so chic and feminine, combined with the stunning pigmentation and long-lasting formula, any lipstick lover (like myself 🙃) would be very happy unwrapping this on Christmas Day!

MAC x 9 Eyeshadow Palette

It wasn't until I was sorting through my collection the other day that I realised how perfect this mini palette would be as a gift. MAC have several of these 'x9' palettes, with some styles/colours limited edition and others part of the full collection, these palettes are great for eyeshadow enthusiasts who don't necessarily want to go to the hassle of building their own MAC palette...(naturally, I've completed one palette and nearly a second because I really am that extra🙃)

I hope these products have given you a few ideas!

Will you be asking for any of these products this year?

Beki x 


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