Sunday, 3 December 2017

Liquid Lip Favourites

Ever since the liquid lipstick trend reinvented itself in 2014 beauty lovers like myself have been obsessed. I’m a self confessed lipstick fangirl at the best of times, and whilst I personally prefer your traditional matte lipstick, there are a few liquid lipsticks in my collection that I can’t help but not share. (They may also make really good gifts as well!)

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Back in Vogue & Red Jade

Out of the several colours I own, these are by far my two most popular shades that I find myself reaching towards. 'Back in Vogue' is a neutral-brown tone nude that would match almost every skin tone, and 'Red Jade' is the perfect of coral red for those who like to be a bit more daring with a bright lip. I find the formula of these lipsticks lasts really well and isn’t overly drying in comparison to other brands that I have tried. I would also recommend using a lipliner and lip balm before application, to be sure you are prepping your lips as best as you can in order for the lipstick to last to its potential. 

Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Lipsticks in Charlotte Darling, Screen Siren and Walk of Fame

When Charlotte Tilbury announced she was launching liquid lipsticks I instantly found myself jumping on the hype. I purchased 'Charlotte Darling' (which I would describe as a subtle peachy-nude on my skin tone) and 'Screen Siren', which is the perfect raspberry red. At first I found the liquid lipsticks to be patchy, and whilst I didn’t want to be disappointed, I couldn’t help but think I had spent my money on products that weren’t working to their potential for me. After numerous attempts, I discovered a little lip liner and lip balm combined with two light applications of product makes these lipsticks last for an incredibly long time. I recently purchased ‘Walk of Fame’, which is a online exclusive bright orangey-red shade, (and generally this type of colour is my ‘go-to’ red) and I am pretty obsessed with it- more on it soon I am sure!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

I own three of Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks. ‘Nosferatu', which for me is the perfect autumn wine shade, ’Beloved’ is a pretty watermelon pink and 'Ophelia’ is my perfect ‘my lips but better’ nude lip shade. I find the formula of these liquid lipsticks can be drying at first, however the longevity they have completely outweighs this and after a few wears you naturally become used to this; and it’s nothing a little lip balm before application can’t fix! There are so many other colours in Kat’s collection I’d love to try I just don’t know where to begin- so any suggestions are welcome! 


Overall I am really impressed with all of the formulas of these liquid lipsticks, and I like I mentioned, they would be a lovely gift for beauty lovers!

Beki x

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