Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Home for Christmas

I'm home! I cannot even begin to explain my excitement to be back in Plymouth for the next couple of weeks, there are so many people I am desperate to spend time with combined with that Christmas really is one of my favourite times of the year.

Being the cat lady I am the past three months since I've moved away I've worried that my cat would have forgotten who I was. After some confusion on Monday evening when I walked through the front door with my suitcase and bags (I've never been one for travelling lightly) which lead to her sit within the suitcase and growl at the Christmas tree, she quickly remembered who I was and was back to herself biting/play fighting with me (I'm pretty certain she has anger issues!)

I'll be spending a fair chunk of my time over the next couple of weeks I'm home working in my job within retail, and whilst it'd be nice to spend time with my friends and family before I go back to London for what could be 6 months (*prays for Easter break*), I'm telling myself to think about how these wages will help rescue the pit that is my overdraft come January payday.

It won't be all work though, and I'm sure that the time I spend with those I care for will be amazing, because those memories will be what I look back on when I need a boost January onwards.

I truly am looking forward to these next two weeks, and I'm sure if anything really exciting happens I'll end up documenting it somehow! (There is ALWAYS family excitement at Christmas- right?)

Beki x


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