Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Five Festive MAC Reds

I’ve been a MAC Lipstick obsessive since I first started wearing makeup years ago. I know I own way too many lipsticks for one person to need but frankly I can’t see myself not buying anymore any time soon. 

Anyway I’ve rummaged through my collection and picked out five of my favourite reds (all different shades/tones I promise!) that I think will suit everyone at this time of year.



Chili is a beautiful burnt pepper red shade. I purchased this lipstick to wear on my birthday this year and have seen myself reaching for it countless times since. I find the tone really compliments my porcelain skin tone beautifully, as well as the comfortable MAC Matte formula that I love means it won’t budge easily!

Russian Red

Russian Red is a classic blue-toned Hollywood red shade. I personally love wearing this shade in the run up to Christmas, especially if I need to make my makeup ‘pop’ and look complete. Ruby Woo is also a really similar shade, however I prefer the Matte that Russian Red has in comparison to Ruby Woo’s Retro Matte formula.

Lady Danger

If I had a pound for every time I’ve spoken about this lipstick either in person or on my blog I’d be a lot richer than I am now! Lady Danger is my ultimate red, The slightly orange tones make it versatile all year round and I know that if I need a red, this is my go too.

Relentlessly Red

Relentlessly Red is one of MACs Retro Matte lipsticks, and whilst I mentioned I’m not a fan of the Retro Matte formula, I do think it is my Ruby Woo lipstick rather than the formula specifically, as I don’t tend to have an issue when I wear this shade. A vibrant coral pink, 


Technically, Diva is a wine burgundy shade, but I do believe it is a festive shade that can be worn by everyone. Similarly to Chili, I find this shade really suits my porcelain skin tone, and really makes my blue eyes pop. I also find that this shade is probably one of the most versatile colours I own, and can be worn at anytime in the year.


Like I said, I own far too many lipsticks and choosing five specific reds to talk about wasn't easy! Would you be interested in a more in depth lipstick collection?

Beki x


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