Friday, 1 December 2017

December Goals

Hi Everyone!

Similarly to last year I plan on blogging everyday throughout December, and I can’t wait to share the content I have planned/written/created with you all. There are a few ‘classic Beki’ posts, as well as some posts I’ve never felt confident in creating before and maybe a couple of cheeky songs along the way.

As it’s the 1st of December, I’ve decided to share some of goals/things I wish to achieve in December with you, as a little way to slowly start feeling the festive spirit.


 Blog Everyday;

I’ve already mentioned it in this post, but theres nothing more satisfying than being able to look back at the end of the month and see the portfolio of posts I’ve created. I don’t/haven’t done it very often, so if/when I do it’s always rewarding. 

Not Stress & Complete Uni Assessments;

 Because I am a completely mad human I’ve decided to daily blog throughout the month of our formative assessments at university. I did this whilst studying my HNC in dance where I just about knew what I was doing last year and  managed it, so this year should (said loosely) be just as manageable!

Enjoy time with Family & Friends;

 In the middle of the month I’ll be back home in Plymouth for Christmas and I can’t wait to see my nearest and dearest! I adore living in London, having my independence and my ‘London’ friends around me, but nothing beats being at home. I’ll be working over the Christmas holidays as well, so I want to make sure I make the most of seeing everyone I need to see, especially as I don’t get a formal Easter break next year and probably won’t be home until June!

Buy Christmas Presents!

 I am the Queen of last minute Christmas Present Shopping. Every year I say I won’t leave it last minute, but of course, I always do. Hopefully this year I can get it all done by the 20th of December! (Yes I am that person that has bought presents on Christmas Eve- i’m sorry!!)


When I’m back in Plymouth I need to remotely attempt to sort my sleeping pattern out. I haven’t had one since being at university and for the girl who always used to be in bed at 9.30 during her A Levels, it’s now starting to hit me!


So they’re my goals for December! I hope you enjoy the content I create, be sure to check back everyday at 8am for a new post to be scheduled!

See you tomorrow!

Beki x

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