Saturday, 23 December 2017

December Beauty Favourites

This month I have found myself reaching towards the same few beauty products over and over again, and it is now clear that they are staples in my makeup collection

Nars Contour Blush in Olympia

This has been my favourite cheek product for just over two years, and when I smashed mine in the summer due to a rogue spider and 'drop the phone or drop the blusher' moment it was a sacrifice I had to make. I carried on doing my makeup for a couple of months without it, and it wasn't until I replaced it just over a month ago I realised how 'incomplete' I felt not wearing this.
I will either use this to contour my face or in a simpler makeup look will use this as a blush alone. The rose-toned beige compliments my skin tone perfectly and I know this product will always be key in my makeup routine.

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

I took a sample of this on holiday with me to see if it would stand the test of time and 'Sweaty Beki' in the 30°+ heat, and it did. I like to wear this foundation when my skin isn't at its best and I'm aware I may not be able to powder throughout the day. 
Whilst NC15 isn't my normal shade in other MAC products, this shade works well for me and the coverage and reliability of the foundation is something that will be staying in my collection for the foreseeable future.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Ophelia

I purchased this liquid lipstick back in the summer and became obsessed pretty quickly. Kat Von D's liquid lip formulas are incredibly long lasting at the best of time, but when you manage to find your 'your lips but better shade' combined with a pretty good lipliner (see below!), I rarely need/don't need to reapply this colour at all.

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Again, another key product that I've reached for continuously throughout this year. I've noticed that my skin has changed for the good and bad this year, and whilst it is clearer than it used to be, when I breakout they are incredibly difficult to cover. This concealer easily has the lightest finish but best coverage I have ever used on my skin. I would say always be sure to powder over the concealer afterwards else I've found it doesn't last half as long, but if you love a 'flawless'/'airbrushed' finish then I really recommend this concealer.

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Cultured

Last but not least, this lipliner was a random discovery when I was simply swatching liners in MAC to kill some time before a dental appointment. I noticed this colour and realised it was a neutral toned pale brown that I had thought about looking for to add to my collection for a while. It wasnt until I started wearing some of my favourite nude shades including 'Honeylove' and 'Blankety' I realised I could do (not needed) with a lip pencil in this colour. I've worn this pencil almost everyday in December and I really believe it would suit all skintones wonderfully.

Have you tried these products? What are your December beauty favourites? 

Beki x


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