Monday, 11 December 2017

Currently Reading - 'Some Kind of Wonderful' by Giovanna Fletcher

Hello all!

Today I wanted share with you all the book I am currently reading, and that is 'Some Kind of Wonderful' by Giovanna Fletcher. I adore Gi's books and have done since she first released Billy & Me back in 2013. 

Generally, I'm the kind of girl that when I really get stuck into a book, I can read it within a few hours, and Gi's books are generally no exception to that rule. I started reading this book before I went to bed last Monday, with the intention of getting it finished by the end of last week so today's post could have been a review...

 However, last Tuesday I had a nasty bump to the head in uni (it wasn't my fault or me being clumsy for once!) which meant I have spent the past week being stuck in bed trying to sleep off the mother of all headaches (concussion is disgusting and I feel for anyone who ends up suffering long term from it!) and also meant I had to slow down my reading.

I had managed to get about 70/80 pages in within the first hour or so of reading, and I really am hooked. *spoiler time* (kind of) I'm at the part where Lizzy has just turned up on the doorstep of her friend Connie's following the split- and I'm desperate to find out what happens next! It has taken so much for me not to pick up my book and start reading whilst I've been stuck in bed, as I knew it really wouldn't make me any better!

This week my week is full of assessments, which naturally means I am stressing, so I am going to make it my mission from this evening to read at least one chapter each evening to calm me down before I go to sleep. I also go home a week today, and whilst I planned on doing plenty of writing for something exciting (well I think it is exciting!) part of me thinks it'll be my mission to finish the book on the three and a half hour journey home.

Have you read 'Some Kind of Wonderful'?

Beki x


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