Monday, 18 December 2017

Christmas in London // #blankthoughts

At the time you're reading this, I'm preparing myself for my journey home to Plymouth for Christmas, and boy am I excited.

I'm so excited to go home and be with the people I love and care for, whilst also back in the bubble of Plymouth rather than the business of London (which I really love.)

It wasn't until I bumped my head last week and was stuck in bead for the majority of the week that I realised I was ready to come home. I was speaking to people at home constantly whilst I was stuck in bed for the week and realised that whilst I am surrounded by unbelievable people in London (shoutout to Phoebe and Becca for pretty much checking on me everyday over the past two weeks- I owe you both majorly!!!!), there really is nothing more comforting knowing that there are people at home waiting.

Christmas in London would be magical, I have no doubt of it at all, but I can't wait to set foot in Plymouth this evening and be back home for the next two weeks, it's going to be great.

Beki x


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