Saturday, 16 December 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Favourites

If you hadn't guessed by the several posts already (and many more) posts still to come, Charlotte Tilbury is probably one of my favourite makeup brands ever.

In this post I'm going to share with you guys just a few of my favourite pieces of hers, because frankly if I could own the entire collection I willingly would.

My 'The Rebel' Eyeshadow Palette is honestly one of my favourite items of makeup I own. The eyeshadows have an incredible buttery texture that literally just glides across they eyelid along with pigmentation that is exactly the same as it is in the palette. 
Anyone who knows me knows that green is probably my favourite colour, as well as it complimenting my eyes and skin tone so well, so to be able to find a palette that contains not one, but three wearable green eyeshadows shades that literally do not move all day honestly blows my mind. I would recommend ANY of her eyeshadow palettes.

A nice little item that would match any of her eyeshadow palettes is the 'Colour Chameleon' eyeshadow pencils. I own this pencil in the 'Bronzed Garnet' shade and again the lasting power and pigment in these pencils is fantastic, and the two products combined really ensure your eyeshadow isn't going anywhere. (I purchased this pencil alongside the 'The Vintage Vamp' palette and it compliments the colours perfectly!)

Charlotte's Lip Cheat in 'Pillowtalk' is honestly one of the most raved about nude lipliners in the in beauty world, and all for the right reasons. This lipliners consistency is so smooth and creamy that it is perfect for just a little line around the edge of the lip or for fully filling in the lip without drying out your lips. I cannot recommend these enough.

Next up I am going to talk about her lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. With her lipsticks, Charlotte generally has two formulas 'K.I.S.S.I.N.G' (creamy, sheer) and 'Matte Revolution' (matte, smooth) which also make up her lip collections, as well as also having the 'Hot Lips' range which are shades 'designed/inspired' around 12 different celebrities. I some lipsticks from both formulas and I am always impressed with their longevity and ability to not dry your lips out, whilst also not looking caked whenever they've been reapplied several times in the day.
Charlotte's liquid lipsticks only launched back in the Summer, and let me tell you they are nothing like I've ever tried before. The consistency of these almost looks dry as it leaves the bottle, and with a couple of specific applications (would really recommend the lipliner!) these liquid lipsticks do not budge, bleed or dry out the person wearing them at all.

Finally, I am going to talk about her 'Light Wonder' foundation, a product I adore to wear whenever I am having a very good skin day. I actually own both of Charlotte's foundations, as I found her shade range was perfect for a girl like me (unbelievably pale and wears shade 1 for reference!) and I like the difference in the two formulas of foundation. This foundation is definitely on the lighter side in terms of coverage, although I do believe it is easy to build more layers and coverage.

Beki x


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