Saturday, 21 October 2017

You do You for a Reason // #blankthoughts

I’m a firm believer in making the most of things when they happen, whether this is in your personal life, your ‘work’ life or just at the things that you enjoy. 

Before moving to London I was desperate to put myself out there and almost see university as a thing on the side. I had been advised a year earlier by a couple of industry directors/producers/people to look into session work/building the basis of my ‘career’, however this was something I couldn’t realistically do when I was in Plymouth. When I first got here at the beginning of September I still had this intention, however no sooner I got in the routine of my new timetable and instantly fell in love with my course, I found myself not striving/thinking about the idea of doing so many other things as well as uni. 

Part of me believes the reason that I saw university as a thing on the side was down to the past three years I had been thinking ‘was this really going to be a thing?’ or ‘what do you do if you don’t get in?’ I had become so used to the idea of never attending university/drama school that it just seemed easier to focus on another path and see if anything came of it whilst still auditioning for courses.

However the second I started studying in class again I felt like the little girl who had dreamt of being at theatre school since however old. I suddenly didn’t feel the need to justify that what I was doing was right for me or helping me for the future, because clearly all my daydreaming had paid off.

I am a creative thinker, I will never stop writing or coming up with new ideas for things. Truth be told I’ve written a good few thousand words towards different ideas since being up here, and it would be lovely if at some stage I could get them to a standard where I could do something with them then that would be amazing, but until that moment I’m happy with just writing and seeing what else comes to mind.

Remember you do you for a reason, no one can decide what’s best for you if you ultimately know where your heart lies.

Beki x


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hello London

Hello London, 

I wish I could say 'Hello Wembley' to make this phrase fit perfectly, but 'Hello Brentford’ will have to do for now! (Although, I can see Wembley Stadium from my kitchen window, so that’s just as close- right?!) 

I can’t quite believe I moved to this beautiful city one month ago. Since the day I unpacked my things I’ve felt completely at home with living in this busy inner city life combined with the craziness that is university. 

Before moving here, I did have my doubts about whether university/theatre school was right for me, however no sooner I had enrolled I felt like the little girl who had been longing to study for as long as she had, and all those years of hard work and auditions were worth it. I can now confidently say I am so happy I waited to get into somewhere like LCM rather than just accepting a place on a course that was kind of what I wanted in the South West. 

I'm at the happiest I have been in my life in the four short weeks I’ve been living in London, and it's purely down to the atmosphere surrounding me. I’m surrounded by lovely course mates who all want the best for each other (YES, it IS possible for Performing Arts students not to be bitchy!) whilst also having a new found sense of freedom that I simply didn’t have in Plymouth. 
I’ve mentioned before how I go through phases of productivity and creativeness, but there’s something indescribable about being surrounded by people who all want the same/similar things as you, which pushes you to be the best version of 'you' you can be. 

I’ve also drunk copious bottles of alcoholic ‘things' (specifically wine) since being in London, but hey, it’s medicine (Annie musical fans will get the reference…I hope!). 
Jokes aside, I do believe I’m balancing the social side of uni and my little anxieties/fears of going out well. I’m unbelievably lucky to live with seven other flatmates who understand it all and support me when I’ve felt a bit funny (and there have been a few occasions since being here!). It really does make the living away from home side of things a billion times easier.

Don’t get me wrong, in true Beki Blank style I’ve had my share of dramas since being here- losing my bank cards, cancelling them and then finding them a few hours later was probably the peak in what I refer to as the craziest weekend of my years so far (so much happened- maybe one day I will share it all!), but I can laugh about it all. 
It’s all memories, I’m safe and most importantly I’m happy. (shoutout to those who helped & hugged when I did eventually have the long awaited meltdown a few days later… you know who you are and I’m very grateful  )

And that’s it I guess- London has always been so special to me and living here has reminded me why I love it so much- except for shopping malls being open later which means my shift in retail will more often than not always end at 11pm, but you win some and lose some!

Here’s to the next three years in London…and hopefully a few more after that!

Beki x
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