Thursday, 13 July 2017

Charlotte Tilbury - Sexy Sienna

Charlotte Tilbury is easily in my top three favourite makeup brands. I love her passion for creating products for women (and men!) to feel even more powerful, better and beautiful in themselves; her collections are so diverse that I always find myself looking online or at a counter when I have chance.

So, after a good audition last week (I say good, it went well on my part, but it was another no!), I found myself snooping in her store within Westfield, when suddenly I was at the till paying for a lipstick...oops!

Sexy Sienna is a beautiful coral-nude shade inspired by Sienna Miller, and is a part of her original Matte Revolution lipstick collection from when she first launched her lip products.

It is definitely more on the 'bright coral' side as opposed to a nude shade, however I love the fact that there are the brown/nude undertones within the lipstick which not only makes it a lovely summer shade, but a lovely coral for all year round.

Beki x


Monday, 10 July 2017

My New Found Confidence

So...I last posted on here on the 18th of May- almost two months ago, and wow, I really have missed blogging. I went to say writing, but I have been writing, just not for here...

In a couple of days there is going to be a post explaining the direction I want to take Blonde & Blank and really just talking about my love of writing and oversharing, but for now I want to explain my new found confidence I have discovered since May 18th.

I had planned on taking a little bit of time off in May (even though I originally thought I could tackle Every Day May) due to the fact I needed to solely focus on my practical assessments in college, which were pretty much running my life until the 26th of May. Then, I won't lie, the attack in Manchester really made my heart ache. I felt a connection and it simply didn't feel right to write about everything I love surrounding me and I needed some space. I wasn't at the concert, but as 1) a massive Ariana fan, 2) a human with hormones and a heart and 3) someone who can currently only dream of filling an arena with 'fans' singing my songs back at me, needed time to think of those who were affected those days. I agree with those who say 'we mustn't stop'/'carry on as normal', but on here I needed to stop, change a few things- and now I can carry on. 
(link at the bottom of the post for donations and information for Manchester ♡)


Then a couple of weeks later I finished my HNC Dance Course and turned 20. What a week. I can confidently say it was the best birthday I have had in my TWENTY years. I was surrounded by such a supportive group of people that it made me 're-evaluate' so many things I doubted about myself, and then I 'discovered' my new found confidence.

The picture about was taking ten minutes before a ballet lesson a couple of weeks ago. This time last year I would NEVER have posted a picture of myself with my tummy out, I hated my figure and was unbelievably conscious about the way that I look, and the way that those who surround me perceived me.

 Now, if I am honest, I am a heavier now than I am this time last year, but my figure has completely changed and right now I couldn't be happier.  I don't feel comfortable sharing last years 'before' picture, because if I am honest, it doesn't look like 'happy Beki', it looks like a version of Beki who was tired of putting up sh*t. 

Not only physically, but also mentally, I feel as if I've come so far in comparison to last year. I don't care what people now think of me, I am who I am for a reason and frankly if you've got an issue with me or how I look in that photo then really you need to consider thinking about things in a different way because there are bigger issues in the world than my waist size.

What I'm simply trying to say is, sometimes the unexpected can lead to the good, the bad, and the thought provoking situations that we all need to experience...

Beki x

(Also the sad expression in the photo is because I have limited ballet classes left before I move away- and that's sad!)

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