Friday, 5 May 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallette

Last year I got my hands on Too Faced's 'Sweet Peach' Palette, and it has been a favourite ever since.

When going for a day-to-day 'neutral' look I generally tend to wear champagne and pink tones as I think they suit my skin tone the most. 

Made up of 18 colours, I would argue that the Sweet Peach palette is possibly the most diverse of all the other Too Faced palette's on the market, simply as there aren't as many browns and every colour is wearable for every skin tone. I also really like the peach scent that is in the palette. Whilst it really isn't relevant to the shadows themselves, its quirky and not overly overpowering. 

I'm a girl who can't wear matte toned browns without looking punched in the eye, however colours such as 'Puree' and 'Charmed, I'm Sure' work really well in the crease, especially with colours like 'Bless Her Heart' and my personal favourite, 'Luscious'.

I find the pigment in these shadows varies depending on the colour, as I find 'White Peach', 'Nectar' and 'Peaches 'N Cream' are more on the chalkier side, however on the whole the palettes shadows are pigmented, buttery and long lasting. 

Overall I love this palette, and I certainly would recommend this to anyone who hasn't got their hands on it yet, whether you're a fan of peach or not!

 Beki x


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