Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Overcoming Tiredness & Staying Motived

Procrastination is something we are all guilty of. If you deny it, you are either the person we all aspire to be who simply 'has their sh*t together', or, you are lying. It may only be a little thing you put off, but again, we are all equal of it.

I recently realised when I am at my most busiest is the time that I get the most done, and the minute I stop to give myself some time off (which is okay!!!) I then put myself back into a routine of struggling to prioritise and get the extra things I want to do done, whilst only just managing the essentials.

So today I bring you the three simple tips I have to 'overcome tiredness' and stay motivated; I hope they help!


Whilst I am more creative now compared to in my teens, it was in my teens I was my most productive. I had no issue with doing the six/seven hour day at school followed by revision, guide work/voluntary work whilst slowly attempting to teach myself to sing. I had a plan and give or take I knew what I was doing/needing to do each day, and it worked. 

I still have structure/routine at the moment, but it certainly isn't as precise as it used to be. I find that making lists (obvious I know) really helps me prioritise everything I need to do on the days where I don't do much and can be guilty of sitting on the sofa not doing much else.


I briefly touched upon this above, but keeping yourself busy will be the best thing you ever do. I constantly have ideas that I want to be drafting or making notes on, as well as things to write and songs to sing, theres always something you can be doing to be ahead or in the pipeline, so use it to your advantage.


And finally is balance. Balance is key to a healthy mind, and if you overwork yourself you are only going to end up awarding yourself with more time off and then repeatedly be angry about the fact you haven't done as much as you wanted to. I allow myself one day a week where I don't pressure myself to be 'creative', and by that I mean if I want to plan some blogposts or spend an hour or two learning a song then I will, but equally if I spend all day in bed watching my 'Sex and the City' boxset for the 793349th time (guilty...) then I equally don't mind. 

Saturday's are generally the days I never have plans or commitments on, and whilst I will now contradict myself by saying Saturdays are the days I generally get the most done, this is down to the fact I don't pressure myself into getting a certain amount done, and instead praise the amount that gets done instead. 


The minute something you love becomes a chore is the time to re-evaluate whether it's just how you are managing the situation, or whether it really is the right thing to do...

Beki x


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