Sunday, 14 May 2017

NYX Matte Liquid Liner

Last year I got my hands on the NYX Vivid Bright Liners, of which I fell in love with the wand/brush applicator because of its easiness (you can read about these here), however I couldn't give up my trusty pen liner from Soap & Glory.

However after numerous wears of my Vivid Bright Liners (the blue one in particular), I decided to grab this liner to replace my Soap & Glory with the NYX Matte Liquid Liner- and so far I am impressed.

I opted for the matte option over the vinyl option because I generally prefer a matte finish when it comes to eyeliner. I've noticed that this eyeliner is incredibly long lasting and doesn't smudge at all once it has been applied/when you are wearing it throughout the day (so it is a little tricky to clean up if you make a mistake!). I'm still adjusting to using the brush applicator, but that is only because I've used a pen style one for so long.

It is really easy to use and at £6 it so affordable and worth the purchase just to practice/improve eyeliner skills with.

Have you tried this eyeliner?

Beki x


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