Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Love's Labour's Lost - The Beginning

I think that it is really important to find time to read as often as we can- especially when we can end up prioritising social media and other distractions away from reading. Naturally, I tend to read either lifestyle/non-fiction books or a generic rom-com. 

I've read numerous Shakespeare plays over the years having had to study and prepare many of his monologues for auditions. In a 'geeky obsession', there is something really traditional about Shakespeare that I love (and from an acting p.o.v I'd pick a Shakespeare monologue over contemporary any day!), so I've decided to dedicate the next few evenings to reading 'Love's Labour's Lost' - one of many Shakespearean Comedies I've yet to read.

I'm looking forward to it! I've heard a lot about this play however it has never been one I've equally drawn much attention to- plus, it's always good to be finding new monologue's so it should be a good read regardless!

I've entitled this post with 'The Beginning' in the hope that I can update you when I have finished it!

Any other Shakespeare plays you think I should be reading? (I have read so many of the 'classics!')

Beki x


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