Monday, 15 May 2017

hay fever struggles // #blankthoughts

This photo was taken in April last year, just before my favourite time of year kicked in- I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about hay fever. (please sense the sarcasm).

For the past four years I've suffered hay fever awfully. So much so that every year I think I am coming down with a virus or the flu because I feel that awful, when in actual fact it's due to all the pollen floating around me.

I can tell you my 'routine' that I get every year, so much so I can predict in advance what is going to be happening on what days. It isn't ideal, but I can now plan and prepare enough to get me through the day.


Days 1-4

Runny nose and runny eyes. Traditional hay fever summed up in a sentence. I feel a bit awful, take them allergy tablets and hope for the best.

Days 5-7

Fully blocked nose, I simply can't sleep at night and breathe through my mouth. This leads to a very sore throat that can sometimes get 'infected'. Yes, really glam.

Days 8-10

Sore throat leads to chesty cough, full on runny nose & eyes as well as unnecessary chocking on air. It is ridiculous.

Days 11-15

Feels like a major head cold/flu. Everything that is listed above with added migraines, constant feelings of hot vs. cold and generally feeling a bit rubbish. 

And this will continue for the best part of two months.


I've been having all of these symptoms above for the best part of three weeks and frankly I'm sick of it. No medication seems to be working, home remedies including honey and lemon are failing me (and a ridiculous allergy to lavender means I have have to steer clear of honey because that always makes me feel worse!) and I need help!

I'm currently taking Piriteze three times a day, nasal sprays and throat spray along with migraine relief tablets if I need them!

Is anyone else out there suffering really badly because of the pretty flowers?! (the struggle is really real.)

Beki x


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