Sunday, 7 May 2017

Dear May // #blankthoughts

Dear May,

For some reason, this month I've decided to write to you everyday, and I'm not entirely sure why. Yes, I have loads of ideas and things to talk about, but I equally feel as tired as I do productive. 

You see, when I complete one task I can complete many, however starting that one task is the challenge.

At the moment I'm enjoying my taking my time and embracing the things that surround me, I feel like I'm living in this surreal 'happy' bubble that is set to burst at any moment; and then I'll be back in normality. 

I don't think there's ever been a part of my life I'd describe as 'normal', I know that everyone has a different life and a different vision of normality, but for some strange reason I feel like my life thrives off of the abnormal. It's funny, but also equally stressful.

Right now I'm enjoying the bubble, who knows maybe this bubble may transpire into something exciting in the near future...

Beki x

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