Monday, 1 May 2017

Dear April // #blankthoughts

Dear April,

I'm sorry we didn't get to spend much time speaking with one another, it was a classic moment of 'life got in the way again,' - and this time it really did.

Ever since I last uploaded a blogpost my main priority has been top notes, monologues and movement/dance calls. I've wanted to write, but simply couldn't justify spending time on this, a hobby I adore, over auditions that mean so much more.

I did my final audition a couple of days ago and now I feel like I can fully commit to writing to you over the summer without guilt and enjoying the ideas and posts I make a reality. 

Whilst I don't/won't feel guilt, there is a level of uncertainty, and in the next few weeks I need to make decisions regarding my future which I still don't know the potential outcome of, and that is terrifying. 

Here's to the future...

Beki x

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