Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pretty In Pink Revisited // #blankthoughts

Almost a year ago I wrote a blogpost explaining how my love for the colour pink had recently grown, and that I still wanted to be pretty in pink, even when I'm not wearing it.

Since then the obsession has easily grown more, my love for pink (specifically in tops & lipsticks) has substantially added to my wardrobe/collection and I love it.

I sometimes think pink may wash my fair skin out, however I also love how dainty baby pink is, and I really think that sometimes it can look so chic and girly.

I'd never want a colour to define my personality, simply as colour associations can often mean so many different things- especially in today's society, however, I'd be pretty happy if I only could wear pink the rest of my life...(minus the fact I wouldn't get my red lipstick obviously!)

Beki x


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