Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Origins Clear Improvements Mask

The Origins Clear Improvements Mask has been a cult favourite in the beauty world for ages, and I can totally see why. Since October I feel as if I've fully understood what my skin loves when it comes to ingredients and products, and this mask is certainly another new favourite.

Having reacted well to the Out of Trouble mask from Origins, I knew I needed to give this mask a go, given all of its positive reviews online. Avid readers will know combination is the easiest way to describe my skin, along with numerous other factors including sensitivity, dry patches and the good old breakouts. 

The main active ingredient in this mask is Charcoal, which is something my skin has never had a major issue with in the past, although I wouldn't it visibly responds to it like Zinc does. However, every single time I've used this mask since purchasing, the moment I have washed it off of my skin, my skin almost looks blurry and dare I say it- 'perfect'. The mask is designed to deeply cleanse and deploy pores, and that is something it certainly does. I won't lie, the morning after I do this mask I wake up with a relatively little breakout, but this is simply down to the mask doing its job. I can honestly say that my breakouts are not even 10% as bad as they were prior to using this mask (and my other skin saviours), and they heal within a day scar free, which is always a bonus!

You can buy the mask from the official Origins website here.

Beki x


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