Friday, 10 March 2017

Lush Tea Tree Water

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the 'Tea Tree Toner Water' from Lush, and it's been a really great addition to my skin care/beauty collection for a couple of reasons!

I've been using my toner water in two different ways, firstly, as its main design, which is a toner. I've ben spritzing the water on my face when my skin was a little worse for wear and it has been noticeably looking better as time has gone on.

Initially, I wanted to purchase the rose water to use for my makeup sponges, however as it contains lavender I couldn't buy it due to my allergy, so I opted for this- and it works a treat.

So to conclude this very short but simple post- I love this toner water and its multi-purpose uses!

Have you tried any other skincare products from lush?

Beki x


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