Monday, 6 March 2017

Dear March // #blankthoughts

Dear March,

Audition season has hit, and boy does my brain know it.

A thought that is constantly flowing through my head is 'what if I gave up?' and whilst I never truly mean it, it really is quite funny (for me anyway) to sit and imagine myself doing something other than performing/writing in the future- and it is also a little too uncomfortable if I'm honest.

Anxiety has also well and truly been present over the past few weeks, and it is so hard to fully explain how you feel to people without sounding like a wet blanket. But this month is also different, as I want to be putting myself out there and I'm desperately trying not to be so afraid.

New goal/motto for March (and 2017)- no more hiding in my shell, else I'll never see the sunlight.

Beki x


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