Saturday, 25 February 2017

Yet Another New Design...

Oh look, Beki has changed the theme of the blog again, surprise surprise. 

As mentioned in the 3rd birthday post, I am constantly changing the design of the blog, whether its a colour, header or completely new theme- it's always changing, and I'm not gonna lie, it irritates me.

I've always said that this blog is an extension of me, and as a result of this I want my theme to counteract that, so rightly I'm not going to want my blog to look different to how I want it perceived? 

Individuality is another point, I've always been very quirky and feminine when it has come to my sense of fashion and style, so that is something I also need to be reflective in the design.

Last April I had the simple black and white theme with the flowers, and I adored that theme, and still do if I am 100% honest, however I created that theme at the point where I couldn't write, so when it came back to being in a position to write, I felt as if I needed a new start and the flowers needed to leave.

I really love the tiles I've used, and has wanted the tile look since my blog first began, however, now I'm really over it. I think it looks a little too basic for my liking and once again I really don't think it represents me at all.

So here we have it, the new design, and I am obsessed.

I say this now, but it will probably change, however I can't see myself swapping for a very very long time. 

Beki x


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