Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why I Bought Myself a Promise Ring...

Last year I jokingly made a statement declaring that I was going to buy myself a promise ring since no one around me was going to buy me one, and a few months later I have. Here's a story...

When I went to Bluewater the other weekend I had a voucher for Pandora, so I decided to treat myself to a ring, and jokingly labelled it my promise ring, but there is a significant(ish) meaning to it.

I, as well as many many people on the planet can have confidence issues and have things we love/like about ourselves, and things we hate. I wear this ring as often as I can now (basically I take it off for floor work in dance and when I shower as I'm paranoid I'm gonna break it!) and a little reminder that there is positivity, love and happiness surrounding me.

It sounds cheesy, but this little ring is almost a little reminder for 'why I am here', 'my purpose', and my 'promise' that I won't give up on the little things whilst working for the big things.

Wanting to go into the industry I want to work in means that negative feedback, criticism and simply being told no is pretty common, and I can take that, however, as I was explaining to a friend the other day, a little bit of positivity or a 'yes' certainly wouldn't go unnoticed or unappreciated once in a while, and this little ring, is just a little reminder to keep going, and the moment you give up is usually the moment when good things will happen, they just take time that's all...

Beki x

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