Friday, 3 February 2017

Positive Body Positive Mind // #blankthoughts

Naturally, we tend to pick out our flaws and the things we dislike or 'hate' about ourselves rather than enhancing the things we love.

This may seem obvious, but for the past few weeks I've tried to focus on the things I 'love' about myself, and work to change the things I hate. Granted, I'll never spend money on plastic surgery A) because I can't afford it/probably will never afford it and B) As much I 'hate' these things I equally know they make me who I am.

Studying Dance has made me very aware of my fitness, stamina, flexibility and body. I'm not terrible, I just hate ab work, which incidentally the majority of basis' of strength within dance.  As I said on Wednesday, I still allow myself to have bad days, (probably more than I should) however I also keep working on building my core strength, something that I have always needed to improve ever since I was tiny.

For example, every week in our jazz class I dread doing our ab routines, not because I don't want to do them, but because I know my core isn't strong and I struggle with them. I try, and really try, and if you compare my strength from September (where I couldn't manage one!!!) to now where I can do the routine, I have improved massively. (And realising that I physically can't do any kind of exercise on a bloated stomach has helped majorly! I'll be writing more about 'Juice Wednesday's' soon...)

 There's still a long way for me to go and I will continue to work on this probably until the day I decide to stop exercising all together. However, I've been telling myself not to be 'scared' of the sit ups each day/week and just do them, and so what if I fall out of them and look like a fool. I know that I am working towards improving myself and frankly remind myself that you will never be perfect on the first attempt at anything, and even if you were, where's the fun in improving an trying again?

And that is why, my current 'Positive Body Positive Mind' mindset is currently doing me a world of good...

Beki x


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