Wednesday, 1 February 2017

My Plans For February // #blankthoughts

A life moto I live by is 'You'll never feel complete and that's the fun of it', and this applies to all walks of my life.

I've decided that I'm going to spend my February bettering my health and specifically fitness. I don't think I'm overweight/drastically in need of losing weight, it would just be nice to lose a couple of pounds and feel alright about it. 

When I was ill and at my smallest, I didn't dislike my figure, I just wished I still had my boobs and my bum, and even though I was self conscious, I still felt comfortable. 

This month I'm going to be sensible(ish), and by that I mean the odd naughty treat here or there is fine, but I am really going to give being sensible a shot. I used to really love sitting on my exercise bike or going for a run for however long, and then I got lazy and life took over.

I'm not expecting drastic changes, but it would be nice to see what progress I make (if I make any) by the end of February.

Beki x


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