Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Juice Wednesdays

I'm not the kind of girl who sticks to fad diets, or meal plans at all, I simply eat what I want within reason.

Back in the summer I made the decision to juice for all but a week in the hope I could lose a couple of pounds, but more than anything not feel so bloated and generally just a little bit better. This worked, however I lost a pound if I was lucky, not that this was an issue, because I didn't feel so crappy on the inside, and that was worth more to me than looking 'pretty' and toned in my bikini.

Cut to late November, when I slowly realised that my diet wasn't awful, I just happened to only eat the foods that made me feel my worst at the worst time. For example, I would often eat a pasta meal deal dish or some sushi for my lunch, as these were 'good carbs' that would give me the energy I needed to be dancing all day. Although, these good carbs make me very bloated, so much so that I can barely pull myself off the floor in an attempt to do a sit up- and now it all makes sense.

In December I decided to start a 'thing', and one week tried having just a juice (as well as my normal breakfast and orange/banana as a snack if I was lagging) rather than my 'carbs' to see if this made a difference. Physically, I didn't look so bloated and felt a little more comfortable in myself (if my waist would like to reappear in 2017 I certainly wouldn't complain!), and my core strength dramatically improved to the naked eye (I could actually do more than one sit up- shock horror!). I know that between September and now my core strength has improved (albeit slightly- it's still an improvement), however I feel so much better pulling myself up on a 'liquid filled' stomach as it were.

And that is where Juice Wednesdays began, now almost every Wednesday you can find me with my juice or smoothie moaning about my hunger all day until it's time for my tea. I genuinely don't think I'm ever as excited for food as I am on a Wednesday evening, sure, the juice does 'fill me up'/keep me going throughout the day- although I'm always going to want to eat something on an empty stomach- I love food!

I'm thinking of doing another 'proper' juice cleanse in a couple of weeks time, and if I decide to I will document my progress, but for now Wednesday lunch times will do just fine,

Beki x

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