Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Hated // Loved 3

'Hated // Loved' posts are surprisingly some of the most viewed posts written on here, and I must say they are a favourite to write, as its always nice rediscovering make-up/items that you bought however long ago!

First up I'm going to talk about Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess Bronzer in shade 01. Realistically, I should have given this more of a try when I first got it, however, I didn't, and subsequently kept this bronzer for 'onstage' purposes, where frankly I need all the bronzer going to stop me looking like Caspar the friendly ghost. Last week we had dance shows in college so I packed my bronzer in my makeup bag, eagerly anticipating some 'orangeness' offstage and normality onstage, however, teamed with my full face it surprisingly suited me, and now I haven't looked back! Don't get me wrong, I use it extremely lightly, as I do think too much will literally make me look like I have brown lines smeared across my face, but generally I am really impressed!

The Nars Creamy Concealer is something I've mentioned before on this blog. I won't go into too much detail, however you should all note I found myself missing it this month. Yes, whilst Urban Decay's Naked Concealer will always be my favourite, last week I made the effort to find this concealer and switch it into my makeup bag- something that doesn't happen very often! Chantilly is a perfect match for my skin tone and the formula is flawless, and I simply cannot recommend it enough!

MAC's lipstick in Impassioned was not only my first ever MAC lipstick in 2014, but it was also one of the colours I was most scared to wear. I wore this colour to my 18th birthday a couple of years ago and I'll be honest, looking back I'm unsure of if it suited me. I love lipstick, and I love all colours of lipstick, but for a girl who loves to wear pink as much as I do, I just couldn't work out if this (or any other bright lip) did match/suit me anymore! Once again I grabbed this lip for my dance show makeup bag, and fell in love with it again. It sounds ridiculous, but I feel like I now remember why I picked this lipstick all those years ago, teamed with a lipliner its anyones best friend, and looking at it in more detail it is probably one of the easiest bright pink lipsticks to wear!

Again, I've spoken about Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dip Brow on this blog before countless times. And now, all I have to add to everything mentioned is that it may have overtaken my beloved Barry M Brow Pencil- which really is saying something! Since getting the right shade for me (Taupe for reference) I've only had one day where my brows were a bit dodgy (they literally went ginger and I'm putting it down to using too much pomade and rubbish blending my end!). It didn't put me off though, and I somehow see myself using this product for a very long time...

Finally we have the NYX Jumbo eye pencils. I've always been a fan of these, especially with how effective and easy they were to use, however, I always found they didn't last very well and would fade off my eyes really quickly, regardless of what bases or primers I used. It wasn't until one day where I was getting ready, and accidentally used a second coat of the pencil (on top of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creme de Nude- go to base!) that I thought 'ey, we'll give the double coat a go and see what happens.' Completely different, it was genuinely like I was using a different product, the are so much more pigmented and long lasting that I now feel the need to collect all the colours so I always have them on hand. Pictured above is Lavender (the colour that made the rediscovery), Slate and Pots & Pans.

And that's all! Are there any products you've recently rediscovered a love for?

Beki x


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