Friday, 24 February 2017

Currently Reading: 'Girl Up' by Laura Bates

Hello all!
Today's post is a quick one just to talk about what book (or should I say books) I am currently reading.
I adore reading, especially when it is a book I have a genuine desire to read, and frankly I know I don't do enough of it, and set myself a challenge of one a month throughout 2017- that failed when I didn't read in January, however I am close to reading two in February, so I think it will be quits. The problem is at the moment I am needing to dedicate more time to audition prep and monologue learning (which takes me forever-not ideal!!!), but I singlehandedly know that no matter how much I read it/attempt to learn it if I am remotely stressing about it my brain will not even begin to consider remembering it. So right now I am currently trying to do everything else I need to do, and then monologues can be my best friend.
A couple of days ago I picked up my copy of 'Girl Up' by Laura Bates, which had been sitting on my bookshelf to read since I ordered it back in Autumn. I'm only a few pages in so far (this being due to Gi Fletcher releasing 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' and I naughtily started reading it prior to finishing this one and ended up reading it whenever I could and starting/finishing it yesterday- more on that soon!) however I am unbelievably interested and excited to read this book, and 'empowering, easy-read,  feminist non-fiction' really is a favourite!
Part of me kind of wanted to read 'Everyday Sexism' (also by Laura) first, and part of me still does, however, I've started the book now and there is no going back, perhaps I'll have to pick up 'Everyday Sexism' to have as my read throughout March...
Let me know what you are currently reading!
Beki x

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