Sunday, 26 February 2017

7 Years Pescatarian

Above is a picture of an amazing pizza I ate in Harrods last October. It was full of seasonal vegetables and hands down one of the best things I have ever eaten- now I really want a pizza!

There is a reason why I am typing this brief story is this month marks my 7th year as a pescatarian, and had I never have taken the plunge to stop eating meat and only eat fish when I was 12, I simply wouldn't have eaten this pizza pictured above.

How do I know this? Being Pescatarian improved my diet dramatically, I was a fairly fussy eater growing up, I'd happily try new things, but would often dislike them before really giving them a go.

I first wanted to be vegetarian when I was 8/9, and this was down to hearing about it on TV or in a magazine and thinking it was a cool thing to do, plus I felt sorry for the animals. It never happened. I think my parents sort of distracted me from the idea as I remember almost every meal always involving chicken for a week or so afterwards! (chicken was my all time favourite.)

Then, when I was 12 1/2 I took the plunge and told my family I wouldn't be eating meat anymore. That Christmas I had eaten what felt like my bodyweight and more in meat alone, what with numerous buffets including cold beef, chicken and ham, it was any meat eaters heaven, and I simply couldn't eat it without feeling ill anymore.

The decision was made that I was only allowed to give up meat if I continued to eat fish, which I was fine with, I hadn't eaten much of it over Christmas and frankly I loved and still love fish, and knew I would never get bored of eating it. I also knew it wouldn't have much of an effect on me socially, as fish generally seems to be something people either love or hate, so I would just be one of those people who loved it and would eat it, whilst almost every restaurant has a fish or vegetarian option- I knew I was never going to go hungry.

Turning Pescatarian was arguably one of the best decisions I had made in my pre-teens, and sticking to it has also been good for me. I know for a fact I do tend to eat a lot of the 'bad' things, and somehow I have a little gut feeling that had I have never taken the plunge, I would have become even more addicted to the 'bad' things and potentially felt worse about my body and diet. I have been able to maintain a healthy weight throughout my whole teens, I rarely get colds/coughs and asides from the anaemia, I haven't been ill at all. 
It also opened my eyes to so many more vegetables, fruits and other vegetarian-based dishes that I had never considered eating before, and now I have a very balanced diet,  and I feel great for it. I also always said that if one day I wake up and I want to eat chicken again, I will. This 'phase' was only ever going to be brief initially, however I don't see myself turning back anytime soon.

If you like fish enough to sacrifice other meats, I really do suggest giving it a try, even if it is just for a week, I guarantee you will feel somewhat better from it.

Beki x


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