Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sally Hansen / Game of Chromes

It takes a lot for me to rave about anything remotely nail related, and that is simply down to the fact my nails hate being pampered. Acrylics will last me a week maximum, nail polish a day if I am lucky and gels tend to start to peel off after three days, yep my nails are not the most accepting to the beauty world.

However, the other week I FINALLY got my hands on two products I have been desperate to try since November, (even though my nails can be useless I still like to give things a go!) and these were two products from Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Range. 

Game of Chromes (genius name btw) is a gorgeous chrome gold shade, stereotypically perfect for the festive season and initially when I first wanted to own it, however in true Beki luck every moment I went into my local boots it was either sold out or 'not being stocked currently'. Fuming was an understatement, I know what you're thinking it is just a nail polish, and it is, but can't a girl attempt to have pretty nails once in a while?

The other product I had been desperate to try was her top coat from the miracle gel range. Once again I had heard and read pretty amazing reviews about the product and I knew I wanted to give it a go to see if it was worth the hype, and whether it actually worked on my nails or not.

I initially applied two coats of Game of Chromes, which I found worked great on my nails and made the colour and polish even across the whole nail. I waited around five minutes (which felt like forever) before applying two coats of the top coat. I know that two coats may seem a little excessive, but I wanted my nails to feel thick and strong similarly to how they would feel if they were done professionally.

I can confidently say now that I will be adding many more colours (and back up bottles of top coat) to my ever expanding nail collection, simply down to the week I wore these colours alone. Sure, there was the tiniest bit of chipping at the front of a couple of nails along the way, but I don't mind a quick fix job every few days if it means the colour and look of my nails is great, and it really was. The lasting power of these two products combined is incredible, and the only way I can describe it is like the nail polish you are desperate to chip and simply can't. It isn't budging of your nail bed, and I meant it- it took me 20 minutes to take the colour off the other week!

Have you tried any Sally Hansen Gel Colours? What others should I try?

Beki x

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