Sunday, 22 January 2017

My Urban Decay Lip Collection

Hello all!

Today I am talking through my Urban Decay lip collection, as it is fairly small and justifiable (compared to my MAC lipstick collection- that is an addiction!)

In total I own 9 lip based products from Urban Decay, and if I am completely honest they aren't my favourite. There isn't anything wrong with the said products I have, I just prefer choosing different brands for lipsticks...

Starting with lip liners (as pictured above and swatches below) I own three, and I personally believe these are the best three shades to look at if you want a smaller make-up kit or are looking to start your collection. I own Peyote which is a nude/pink (we all know how much I love Peyote! read here), Mrs Mia Wallace which is a deep blue-red and Bang which is an orangey coral. Generally, these are the main colours I tend to wear on my lips asides from pink toned lipsticks, however I find that these lip liners match my other products from both Urban Decay and other brands wonderfully. I also love how creamy these lip liners are and the fact that the pigment really is as intense as the colour of the packaging surrounding the pencil.

Next up are two really old school Urban Decay products, so old school that they don't exist on the website anymore- which is really sad, as these two 'Super-Saturated Lip Pencils' were my first high end make-up purchases when I was 14/15 (yes, I should probably get rid of them but they really are s good as new...) Punch Drunk is the orange shade and was my first purchase of the two and it is a true warm orange colour that didn't make your teeth look yellow. My other purchase was Adrenaline, which is a fuchsia pink with flecks of matching glitter running throughout. I haven't worn this shade for a while as I'm not sure about the glitter, but nevertheless the colour is beautiful and perfect for summer. The thing that attracted me to these lip pencils when I was 15 was the high level of gloss and pigment. I wasn't a fan of matte lips back then due to having constantly chapped lips, and I found that these worked a treat, and generally were my go to products at the weekends! (Urban Decay if you are reading this bring them back I will buy them all!!!!)

Finally is lipsticks, four of which to be precise, and all of which I have gained/added to my collection since starting this blog nearly three years ago. Like I said, I don't hate these lipsticks, and if I am honest I don't have any bad words or things to say about them, I can't argue the longevity or comfortable Matte finish amongst the three mattes I own, nor can I say that the sheer lipstick is bad, because it isn't, it simply is down to preference.
Venom is probably my all time favourite Urban Decay shade due to it being so unique, long lasting and comfortable. I often describe Venom as the autumnal grape that you can wear all year round. The purple shade has a subtle hint of pink running through it which works perfectly on my skin tone. (Especially as purples don't tend to suit me as a rule), and this lipstick if often my 'berry' of choice in September & October.  (read more about Venom here).  Mrs Mia Wallace is a staple dark red in my collection, and I find myself having to be very 'made up' when I wear it in order to not look ill. It is the perfect deep blue toned red and really is Mia Wallace captured in lipstick form.
Stark Naked was a colour I purchased during the Kylie Jenner Velvet Teddy trend. I didn't think Velvet Teddy would suit me (how wrong I was), so wondered down to the Urban Decay counter with a swatch on my hand asking the sales assistant to match me as best as she could. If I am completely honest this isn't my favourite shade and I do find it does wash me out a fair bit, however I have teamed this lipstick with darker lip liners in the past, (notably Staunchly Stylish from MAC) and it tends to do the 90's brown lip trend perfectly. And finally, we all know about how much I love Peyote, so there is no need for me to say again...but it is the most perfect nude out there in case you didn't know ;)

And that is my collection! Have you got any of these? Or are there any others I should be adding to my collection...


P.S. sorry the swatches are blurry- my camera isn't very accommodating at the moment!



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