Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mini Chanel Beauty Haul

Yesterday I went shopping in Bluewater for the first time. I had been aware of the fact I was going on this trip for a while to saved my money as best as I cold whilst writing a shopping list I was definitely not dreaming nor ashamed of. 

On my list included numerous items of beauty, one of which being a 'red Chanel lipstick'. I say this as a girl who is known for her love of red lipstick, and well lets be honest nothing screams 'class' like Chanel does it?

I entered the Chanel counter in House of Fraser to which I picked out 'Coromandel' from the Rouge Allure range, which I personally would describe it as a true classic warm toned red. It was exactly what I wanted, and the only thing I wished it was just a little more glossy, but thats something I can look over as this shade is so classic, and exactly what I wanted.

Next up I fell in love with a 'Levres Scintillantes' Gloss in the shade Blizzard. To which I was informed that not only it was out of stock, that it was also being discontinued. Great. I had fallen in love with a beautiful gloss in a colour that I had never really seen before, to be told that it was in fact gone for good. AAARGHHHH. Long story short I was deciding between the gloss and the Number 8 Foundation Brush, (even though if they had both in reality I would have purchased the two), so after a quick run around to Boots and John Lewis to discover that they also didnt have the gloss in stock, I quickly accepted that this in fact was a day I was going to purchase a brush I had my eye on for months, and I mean months. The Number 8 Foundation Brush is a synthetic hair buffing brush perfect for high coverage liquid foundations, and I knew that I would look after this brush, and I doubt that it will ever part from my collection.

And thats my mini Chanel haul, I've linked the lipstick and brush here, so be sure to have a look at them!

Beki x

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