Monday, 9 January 2017

A Dream Handbag...

One of my most prominent/poignant Christmas presents I received this year was the beautiful bag photographed above. My Lulu Guinness Small Lyra bag in Red is possibly one of my new favourite things, yes, I am aware that this sounds materialistic, but I also think its okay to enjoy things in life.

Today (the day I publish this) I am taking her (she is a her okay!) out for her first outing, and I can't wait. Over the past year my love for handbags has dramatically grown, and with red being one of my most worn colours, I knew one day I would love a 'true red' in my collection.

On first impressions there isn't much I don't love about this bag, I love the size, it's big enough for all of my essentials as well as the fact it can easily be a day-to-day bag or something special for going out at night. My only floor is the length of the supporting strap, I like bags to sit on my hip if I'm wearing them on my shoulder, and on the shortest setting it sits just below. (I'm 5ft6 with a long torso and longer legs for reference!), but this is something I can live with!

Will report back when tried and tested more...

Beki ♡


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