Friday, 13 January 2017

4 New Additions To My MAC Palettes...

L-R Expensive Pink, Atlantic Blue, Gorgeous Gold and Sushi Flower

Last weekend I made two cheeky trips to MAC and on both occasions picked up two new shadows to add to my palettes.

On my first trip, I went with the intention of finding two shades that I wanted to fit my palette, this was a corally pink and a matte blue. Initially I was torn between Paradisco and Expensive Pink, both of which are very similar, with Expensive Pink being slightly more pink than Paradisco, and in the end I went for Expensive Pink as the swatch came up better on my hand. Expensive Pink is the perfect rose gold eyeshadow shad and I think it will compliment my blue eyes nicely. I also went for Atlantic Blue, which is a matte cobalt blue, and exactly what I wanted! Lots of people often comment on the chalkiness of MACs matte eyeshadows, however I never have an issue with this and find layering the shadow and priming the lids makes them work fine.

The next day I visited MAC again and I was desperate to get more shadows for my palettes, I had almost finished my warm palette and visually looking at a palette with two empty slots just wasn't doing it for me, so low and behold me and my friend visited MAC where she desperately tried to restrain me, and didn't work! I firstly knew I wanted to get Gorgeous Gold, as this colour was the closest match to a pigment that had now been discontinued. Its a cool toned yellow gold and has a slight hint of green in it, and I love it. Finally I got my hands on Sushi Flower, which is a matte(r) pink/coral that I think will compliment Expensive Pink well!

I have planned a post talking through my warm palette soon, and theres only a few spaces left on my cool palette which is exciting! (And lets be honest I'll probably end up starting a third one...)

Are there any MAC shadows you think I need?

Beki x

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