Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Jo Malone Scent

Any beauty obsessive either dreams of owning a Jo Malone scent, or owns one(or many)- its simple.

I had been saving for a Jo Malone scent since I was 17, but never knew what scent I wanted and waited until a few weeks ago to get my hands in it, and I was lucky to when I did.

Jo Malone discontinues a scent from her regular collection every year as a way of bringing out new products, and typically, I fall in love with the scent that has just been discontinued.

In Exeter's John Lewis there is a Jo Malone counter where I first smelled 'Blue Agava and Cacao' earlier in the year along with a couple of other scents. Then around three weeks before we went to London we were in Exeter having a girly day when I got samples of the tester cards of 'Blue Agava and Cacao' as well as 'Wild Bluebell'. These two scents have literally been driving me wild for ages, as I couldn't pick between the two. Whilst on the train home I decided if I could grab it in London I'd get my hands on 'Blue Agava and Cacao' as it is so different and I own nothing like it. Trust me easier said than done.

Whilst lurking at the Jo Malone counter I couldn't find the tester bottle to smell, so I asked the counter girl (who was so unbelievably helpful) where it was, which was when we found out it was discontinued. I had planned on buying a bottle, although I wasn't sure  what size and even if it was a definite. We were in Harrods, it was about 10.30 and the first proper shopping we had done bar a couple little shops on the high street opposite. Turns out there were two 100ml bottles left, and on a wim I said yes to one. Here's a funny story, my Mum currently only has a tiny sense of smell and literally can't smell anything. She also bought the other bottle, naturally I wouldn't have said this wasn't her kind of scent, and she has assured me that if she doesn't like it I have another bottle to keep back!

The scent is an equal mix of floral and chocolate, which why wouldn't you want it?! On a serious note, I can see why this scent wouldn't be to some peoples tastes, its very strong, the agava is subtle but powerful when you first spray, and then the chocolate/cacao scent  comes through stronger as the day/wear goes along.

So, to conclude, I've purchased a perfume that is now discontinued so I am literally rationing the use.

If you can get your hands on it just to smell- do it!

Have you tried any Jo Malone products? What else should I try?

Beki x


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