Thursday, 29 December 2016

The 365 Journal // #blankthoughts

One thing I am looking forward to doing in 2017 is creating new memories. I am that person who will remember random/funny flashbacks/memories at any point of day and smile or laugh about it in the process.

When Mum & I went to London we visited Kikki K in Covent Garden and I showed her the 365 journal, where I added that I thought it was a cute idea to use as a scrapbook- little did I know she snuck back into the shop to buy it when I was in MAC buying a lipliner!

The 365 journal has no rules, its a journal with 365 blank pages for any use. Its perfect for a diary to use at any point of the year, creative writing strategies, lifestyle and more. I plan on using mine as a scrapbook and journal for 2017.

Along with the date, each day I plan on writing a positive 'thing' that happened (blogpost got number of views, ate favourite food or mastered dance move etc), along with an event that happened in the news and one of my many blonde thoughts/moments from the day.  Last year I got a polaroid camera for Christmas, and no sooner I used up all the film, I never bought any refills and its sat in my drawer since. My plan is if I happen to photograph on my phone, camera or polaroid something that happens that day (not necessarily everyday) then I can also add it to my journal.

I really hope I can keep this up, I do think it will be lovely to look back on in a few years!

Have you got a 365 journal?

Beki x

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