Thursday, 1 December 2016

The 1st Day of Christmas (December)

Hello and a festive welcome to December! (is that cheesy? you should all know by now I love cheese!) 

It's December, possibly my favourite month of the year and also my busiest, and I love it. There's something about December that fills me wit excitement and happiness, and let's be honest it is Christmas.

I love Christmas markets, Christmas music and the holiday overall. I love buying presents for people and seeing the look on their faces when you love done good (and sometimes bad!) I love the Christmas TV specials, I am guilty for recording them all and watching them two or three times to make the most of them. Like I said, I just love Christmas.

December is always a busy month for me, as I desperately try to finish everything I set myself a challenge to complete by the end of the year, and often fail- and this year is no exception.

So of course I set myself the challenge and fun to daily blog in December. I love blogging and I am finally at a point where I can write and create all the festive posts I've wanted to create for years.

I'm so excited to be blogging again everyday throughout December- and I really hope you like the content I put out! I've created a 'Christmas' category which will have every post posted between now and the 25th (and possibly after!) labelled in it should you want a binge read one day!

So, to conclude, I really really hope you have a wonderful December, enjoy the madness and creativity that I bring here on Blonde & Blank, and maybe have a cheeky box of mince pies in between! Expect plenty of Lipsticks, Thoughts and Festive cheer, with a few surprises thrown in along the way!

Love Beki x

P.S if you have any ideas for posts they are more than welcome!

P.P.S you better appreciate the effort that went into the image below alone!!!

*Posts will be live 7am GMT every day :)


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