Thursday, 22 December 2016

Nars Audacious Lipstick // Lana

Yesterday one of my besets friends Becky and I did our little Christmas present exchange, and its safe to say I'm unbelievably happy and grateful for the end gift...

Becky currently lives in Liverpool for university, so we last properly saw each other in September just before she left, although we do speak on a weekly basis about utter rubbish (and all the personal stuff yay).

A few weeks ago I dropped into conversation what Becky would like for Christmas, to which she requested a lipstick (specifically something orange/red toned- I went for 'Bang' from Urban Decay), likewise she then asked me and I laughed saying I'd also be happy with a lipstick...except Becky had a much bigger challenge here given that I own an awful lot of lipsticks and she didn't know where to begin- or so I thought.

Cut to a couple of weeks later, we are both sat discussing our choices and both suddenly have a moment of panic thinking we may have purchased each other the same lipstick, which wouldnt be a problem, it would just be hilarious. We did a little '3 2 1 'say the brand' thing and I declared Urban Decay and she declared Nars and I squealed like a toddler on Christmas morning. I adore Nars as a brand however I like to purchase makeup from a counter rather than online unless I specifically know what I am after, and with no Nars counter remotely close to Plymouth- it doesn't happen often. 

From that moment onwards I was uber excited to see Becky, not only was one of my closest friends back in Plymouth to laugh at my clumsiness, but she had also purchased something that I had no idea about. I've never really looked at Nars lipsticks as I've always had other products by them on my try list. To anyone in Starbucks who saw me open this lipstick you probably thought I was insane, and that would be right, as Becky gave me 'Lana' which is a gorgeous orange toned red, and more importantly my favourite colour in lipstick. I used to wear orange toned reds frequently prior to my braces being fitted, and ever since I've worn braces I've felt anything other than nude lipstick hasn't suited me, but today I thought otherwise, I took the plunge and wore the lipstick. 

It's beautiful. Matte and not drying, long lasting and highly pigmented, this may just be my second favourite red lipstick ever; (I say second favourite as nothing will ever beat Lady Danger for me- even though they are practically identical!) 

Thank you again Becky, I adore my lipstick and feel so grateful to have such fabulous friends in my life...

Beki x



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