Monday, 12 December 2016

My Top 5 Favourite Festive Red Lipsticks

Hello everyone and welcome back if you do read here often! Today I'm going to me taking you through my top 5 'festive red' lipsticks. I say 'festive', as these are all colours you can wear all year round and get hold of all year round- but who doesn't love a red lip at Christmas?

First up we have one of my all time favourites and generally my go to red- MAC Lady Danger. It's very orange toned but still very red, combined with MACs standard matte formula which is far from drying, there's nothing you can't love about this colour. (I often pair it with MACs Cherry lip liner.)

Next up is Urban Decay's Mrs Mia Wallace. I first got my hands on this when Urban Decay launched their Pulp Fiction collection years ago and loved the intensity and deepness back then. Its a gorgeous blue toned red and is the perfect blue toned autumnal/wintery red.

Ruby Woo is another classic red MAC shade. Alongside the likes of Russian Red and Lady Danger, Ruby Woo is the ultimate matte red. When I first bought this lipstick I really struggled with the retro matte formula, and found it too drying for my lips, but now, after many different lip balms and lipliner combinations, I love this lipstick on me as much as I do in the bullet.

Kendall Jenner is a well known face of Estee Lauder, and last year she released a lipstick merging two of the brands most popular red shades to create her own. Restless is a beautiful orange toned red that is a hybrid of 'Orange Crush' and 'Poppy' from the general collection. Now I'm not 100% sure if Restless is still available, as I fully remember the hype of trying to get my hands on the lipstick that was 'limited edition' at the time. However, theres nothing stoping you looking at Orange Crush or Poppy...

And finally, Viva Glam Rihanna. Another blue toned red, but in my opinion its Lady Danger and Ruby Woo's glittery love child. I love the glitter in this lipstick, its subtle and gives a metallic feel, and is lovely for people who don't like a matte/'boring' lip.

What are you're favourite red lipsticks?!

Beki x

P.S sorry for lots of MAC - I just think they do the best reds!


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