Thursday, 8 December 2016

My Top 5 Favourite Festive Nude Lipsticks

Hey everyone! In today's post I am talking/writing about my favourite nude lipsticks at the moment, and could be perfect for the festive season.

I'm starting with one of the two MAC lipsticks I'm speaking about, and this is because I am obsessed with this newer shade from MAC. Launched in the Liptensity line, it took me over a month to get my hands on Driftwood, and it really was worth the wait. Sold out for what seems like forever, I was tempted to order it online (similarly to what I did with Medium Rare in the collection!), however there was a part of me that wanted to wait. Stupidly I never picked it up in London as the MAC counter in Harrods was the first we visited and to quote me, 'I really want that lipstick I won't forget to get it.' Well guess who forgot! By some miracle when we were back in Plymouth I needed a new powder and also had a Back to MAC to swap. Liptensity lipsticks aren't included in the Back to MAC so I let my mum pick a lipstick she wanted whilst I purchased Drfitwood. When I initially saw it I thought it was grey and awful, but after swatching it I realised it was a beautiful muted blue toned pink. I really like the Liptensity formula, it's long lasting and unbelievably pigmented and hydrating, and I cannot recommend it enough!

Next up is the YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in number 1, yes I know I always go on about this lipstick, but if you own it you will know why. In my opinion it's the ultimate blue-toned pink nude, and YSL really did hit the nail on the head with this gorgeous shade. I say 'did' loosely, as YSL did discontinue the standard Rouge Volupte line a couple of months ago, however the Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick in shade 44 is almost identical! 

Then we have Peyote from Urban Decay which deserves and will have its own blogpost dedicated to it at some stage, because it is simply perfect. I feel like we all generally like to look for our perfect 'pinky nude' that matches our lips precisely, and for me personally, Peyote is spot on. I initially fell in love with the lip liner and it took a lot of personal convincing to go for the lipstick to match (sad I know- but in my defence it is a slightly different colour!) As I said I'll have a more in depth review about Peyote coming up soon, but if you love a perfect pinky-nude, you'll love this.

Honeylove from MAC was a relatively late discovery on my end. I know I own to many MAC lipsticks, and I really do try not to look into getting anymore, but I just can't help it. I am addicted to lipstick. Honeylove is what I describe as Velvet Teddy's baby sister. I used to find Velvet Teddy unwearable on my skin tone but now with the right lip liner I am okay, however Honeylove is the perfect brown toned new for us very very white/pale types. It has the right amount of warm/golden brown tones without making me personally look ill, and teamed with MACs wonderful matte formula- what isn't there to love?

Finally is Bobbi Brown's lipstick in Almost Pink. This lipstick to me is what I label as ballerina pink, and is perfect for anyone looking for a subtle pop of rose/pink to the lips this Christmas.

And they're my favourite nude lipsticks! 

Beki x


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