Friday, 9 December 2016

My Silver Eye Combo

Generally, I prefer warmer tones (except browns) on my eyes, I think they flatter my skin tone better, and paired with my 'mint' green/blue/periwinkle toned eyes (yeah they're a funny colour!), pinks and golds generally are the best.

Although you may be aware that I also love silver tones, I'm not sure if they fully suit me or not, but I like them and thats all that counts.

This year I purchased two products that have literally been my go to products for if I want a silver eye, and they are my By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Ombre Mercure and the Nars Eyeshadow in Callisto. However, I two days ago I had a revelation, and that was pairing the two products together, and the two tones combined created the perfect silver colour, and I love it.

Ombre Mercure is a steel and almost green toned silver (in my opinion anyway) which is naturally why I fell in love with it, and Callisto is a lilac toned silver (again obvious why I love it) and the two colours layered make an amazing sterling silver colour that lasts ages on the eyes- and I mean ages. My eyes are prone to not keeping shadow so long lasting without a decent primer or base, and this lasted through a day of continuous contemporary dancing- and that is impressive!

So if you are looking for a make-up themed gift for someone who loves some sort of silver on the eyes this Christmas or simply want to treat yourself- these are the products for you!

Beki x


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