Friday, 23 December 2016

My Favourite Time of Year // #blankthoughts

With just a few short days until Christmas Day 2016 approaches us, today I felt as if I needed to reflect. Not on 2016, no that can happen another day. Today I needed to reflect on Christmas.

Dubbed as the most wonderful time of the year, its something we all naturally fill ourselves with stress with, 'have we got enough food?', 'did we miss someone on the present list?' or 'did you do that thing for nan?' every. single. year.

I tend to go into hibernation during the New Year (blogpost to follow) simply due to the fact that whilst the festive season is my favourite time of year, I'm always unbelievably sad to see it go. Its one of those few times of the year where I feel as if I have a purpose or working towards something, and is also one of the few days of the year where I actively tell myself not to write or brainstorm ideas and simply have some time for myself surrounded by loved ones (Although lets be honest I'm never not thinking about writing/ideas...)

Most of all, I'm really looking forward to simply being me. Christmas has always been the time of year where I feel most comfortable with myself. Nothing can change about me overnight and nor will it, and I just like having the time where the only major brain ache is following a soap storyline or a game of charades. 

Yes, Christmas is my favourite type of year because I enjoy being me.

Beki x

2 more sleeps to go...

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