Wednesday, 21 December 2016

How To: Orange Hot Chocolate

Last night I treated myself to one of my all time favourite festive drinks, a chocolate orange hot chocolate. It's really quick and easy to make!

For this particular recipe I used 400ml of milk (this was one mug full, however I would say use slightly less and I did have a little left over once I had finished making the hot chocolate), 4/5 segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange (and orange chocolate is fine!) and one tablespoon of hot chocolate powder just to be sure it was chocolatey enough! I also had some squirty cream and another segment as decoration at the end, but you can of course use whatever you want! (I definitely didn't eat the rest of the orange whilst making it either...)

After measuring my milk I simply heated this on a mid-high heat in a saucepan, and once it was warm I added the segments. I stirred the mixture for a while before adding the hot chocolate powder and simply kept stirring for a couple of minutes until it felt warm/tasted enough (taste test on spoon!). I then poured the hot chocolate into my mug, added the cream and other segment and relaxed for the rest of my evening!

Like I said so simple, and this recipe will also work for mint chocolate and other varieties! 

4 more sleeps to go...

Beki x


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