Monday, 5 December 2016

Green is my Colour

Once again anyone who knows me will know that green, specifically emerald/christmas tree green is my favourite colour, and I always have a little bit of a freak out when I find something I love available in the colour. 

Whilst away in London the green obsession spiralled, especially when I purchased a few spontaneous pieces I had no intention of purchasing, all of which were green- oops.

Firstly, lets talk about the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad, a pricey purchase especially in not the most natural of colours for some, but something I know I would get so much wear out of. Surprisingly prior to this quad I owned two green urban decay eyeshadows, but both colours are very dark and almost brown toned, so don't look as green as they do in the pot. This quad could not be anymore different, each gorgeous green and the beautiful champagne colour work so well with each other, and whether you wear the shadows following the 'order' Charlotte suggests, or experiment with your own way, I have simply fallen in love even more every time I use this quad (which has been so many times- as I mentioned I do love green!)

Next up was the first of two dresses, the first one being from Topshop. Every year I purchase a smock dress or what I like to call a 'tea party dress' from Topshop, as I think they look so girly and chic. Its funny, so far this year I had yet to find a dress I had fallen in love with, however the moment I saw this one I knew I needed it, and even tried it on in store-(this is a really big deal for me I hate fitting rooms!) I've yet to wear the dress out but having tried it on numerous times since being home I know its a key piece in my collection.

The second dress I went for was from Warehouse, and it is a gorgeous jacquard print dress. Initially I saw the blue print nearly picked up the green skirt to go with the blue dress, however I eventually decided on the green dress, mainly for auditions or to quickly put on if I am going anywhere nice. I adore this dress and think it is so classy and feminine, I know its going to be in my wardrobe for years.

The final item I didn't purchase in London however I did initially see, and that is my fluffy faux fur green jacket from New Look. I confess to owning too many coats and probably didnt need this one, but I really couldn't resist. I love it, and with the right outfit I think will make a perfect accessory for a Christmas party this year.

And thats all for my green obsession- for now!

Beki x

New Look Jacket- out of stock on New Look

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